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Pluckley Village

The 15 ghosts of the village 

Hey guys, today we do not leave England and I take you close to London, to the most haunted village of England: Pluckley.
Pluckley, Kent, is a picturesque village surrounded by woodlands, but its reputation does not come from for the beauty of the place. Pluckley is famous to shelter between 12 and 16 ghosts who led the village into the Guinness World Records in 1989. So let’s deal with the most famous ghosts!

1 – The screaming man: years ago, a man who worked in the brickworks fell and died slowly under the bricks, and some say that you can still hear the his screaming and see his ghost wandering.

2- The Watercress woman: she is supposed to have burnt to death when, saturated in gin, she accidentally set herself alight on the lonely spot where she would sit each day with her pipe.

3- Lady Dering, the woman in red: this ghost is supposed to be the wife of Baron Dering who buried his wife in a lead coffin to conserve the corpse of his lover. She had been buried somewhere next to the church and Lady Dering still wander in the cemetery wearing a red shawl.

There are more than 15 other ghost stories on the village. Here the locations of all known ghosts:

  •  Phantom Coach & Horses - various locations
  • The Colonel - Park Wood
  • The Highwayman - Pinnock Crossroads
  • The Miller - Site of Old Mill
  • The Monk - Greystones
  • The Red Lady - St Nicholas Church
  • The Schoolmaster - Dicky Buss Lane
  • The Screaming Man - Pluckley Brickworks
  • The Tudor Lady - Rose Court
  • The Watercress Woman - Pinnock Stream
  • The White Lady - St Nicholas Church and Surrenden Manor
  • The Black Horse - The Street
  • The Dering Arms - Station Road
  • The Blacksmith's Arms - Pluckley Thorne
  • The Screaming Woods - Dering Woods & Frith Wood
  • The Devil's Bush - Frith Corner

But now, leave the village to go to the woods around. The Dering Woods, as well known as the screaming woods (I’m sure you know why). In effect people reports hearing terrifying screams coming from the forest at night or footsteps and whispers during days of fog. The forest is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the people who get lost in them, in particular the locals mention a suicidal army colonel of the 18th century and a highwayman who was captured by the villagers, pinned to a tree and beheaded. 

Newspaper after the Dering Wood Massacre 1948

But the most striking fact is the Dering Wood Massacre during the Halloween Night in 1948. Twenty bodies were found dead (11 were children) but did not present any wound. Many reported seeing strange lights coming from the forest this night during the massacre. 

The autopsies could not determine the cause of death and after times, the authorities ended the investigation. 

In 1998, during the same Halloween night, 4 students who entered in the forest went missing. The Pluckley population assure seeing the same lights in the forest than fifty years before. 

Their bodies were never found. 

How to get there: If you want to go to this welcoming and friendly village and visit all these funny places, you can check the website of Pluckley HERE
Look how nice they are, they even propose you to eat in the Black Horse Pub, which is haunted. 

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