Monday, 4 April 2016

The most haunted house in England

Satanic ghosts of The Cage 

The most haunted house in England is now on sale. The owner said to be traumatised, several times, by a satanic ghost.

When Vanessa Mitchell move in this house in St. Osyth, Essex , in 2004, she doesn’t know its past.
The property, well known as “The cage” is an old medieval jail. Here, eight women died while the Witch hunt during the XVIth century.

This gaols welcomed, in the XVIth century one of the most famous victims of the witch-hunts of the British history Ursula Kemp. This fiftieth anniversary witch officiated as bonesetter with the inhabitants of the region was hung in 1582, have confessed under duress, several crimes going of an evil spell thrown to the beer of the vineyard up to the death by “ bewitchment” of two children.

Her extorted confessions ended in the hanging of seven other women for similar crimes and, even there, pulled out of the air. The legend was boosted in 1921 by the discovery of a skeleton buried in St Osyth's garden attributed to Ursula Kemp (see picture above) 

The 46 years old women and landlord, stayed 11 years in this house and asset seeing several ghostlike faces and she says have been pushed during her pregnancy and even seen blood splatters on the floor.

Satanic goat caught on camera in The Cage

But what actually forced her to leave her house in this photo: Vanessa Mitchell took a selfie and saw this face, a satanic goat face according to her, in the background which she says proves the evil forces operating in the house.
 ‘I honestly believe the house is cursed, I have lived there for years but for me seeing a tall dark figure standing between me and my son’s cot was the final straw for me.’

The cage has now been sold but nobody know who is the new owner.


How to get there: Sorry, but it’s now impossible to spend nights in there, but 4 years ago Vanessa Mitchell suggested renting her house to the amateurs of paranormal and to ghosts' hunters for 45£ per night.  
But you can saw the house if you visit St Osyth which is a little town full of history ! 
If you like this story, check this video posted by North London Paranormal Investigations which explained it very well ! It's HERE.


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