Sunday, 20 March 2016

Cave Hill, Belfast

Cave Hill 

Hey Everybody! Today we finally go in Northern Ireland, in Belfast. The city is well-known for the Titanic and stuff but Rose and Jack’s story is too romantic for this blog, sorry. 

The resemblance is striking

So let’s talking about Cave hill! The iconic shape of Cave hill looming above the city is great place to walk and lots of tourist go there in good days (if there are good days in UK..). Cave hill is also known as Napoleon’s nose, due to its likeness with the French Emperor. 

But let’s start with haunted stuff. As you can see on the picture above, Cave hill country Park owes its name to the cave which has been used by humans in the Iron Age. This very cave has been the subject for some creepy testimonies in the early 1910s. According to the reports, during the night a wailing sound could be heard from the woods around the cave and when people tried to track the source of the sound, it suddenly stopped when they were too close.

Two years later, in 1915, a couple spotted what appeared to be “a floating man within the trees”. When this flying man saw the couple they ran and seemed to be really frightened because their face and legs were damaged by branches during their run.  

After this, numerous sighting of this floating man continued.

The last strange case around Cave Hill took place in 1922, another couple discovered a bizarre looking rock while their walk in the country park. In fact they discovered a human skull (funny funny place).

After investigation, the police discover a full human skeleton which was identified as being Mr John Scott who have committed suicide on Cave hill few years before. 

Nowadays, no testimonies of floating man or ghost have been shared but these stories still attract numerous tourists.

How to get there: Is it super easy to go there from Belfast by bus of by car as there are the Belfast Castle and Zoo in the Cave Hill country park. You can find all informations you need HERE.

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