Thursday, 18 February 2016

Hampton Court

Hampton Court 

Today guys, I take you to the most famous castle of England, which has received considerable attention in the press. The scary story behind this castle has even been shared by TV news in most of European countries. 

This magnificent castle near London is famous for being the residence of King Henry VIII (1491-1547). For nearly 200 years it has been at the centre of the Royal Court and made its mark on the history of England. 

But at this time, the Castle had been the scene of crimes that everybody still know nowadays. In effect, Henry VIII is the real Blue Beard (if you don't remember this tale, you can read it in totality here: Blue Beard). King Henry has killed two of his six wives and since, inhabitants, guards and tourists assure seeing the two women wander corridors. 

But the most credible proof of haunting has been caught on tape by CCTV on the 22nd December 2003: 

All english castles have their own ghost, but this time it's different. It's the first time that a spectre is filmed. Hoax ? Not according all the TV news which deal with this story. We can see a silhouette opening the doors and then closing it.  
Some people clearly recognize a man dressed like in the XVI century and assure that it's King Henry VIII haunting his own castle. 

Good publicity for the castle which saw its attendance increasing considerably after the event. 

How to get there: The castle is opened all year and the adress is: Hampton Court, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 9AU.
And if you want to wander in corridors you can find all informations HERE, and maybe you will see King Henry .. 

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