Thursday, 14 April 2016

Glamis Castle

The seven ghosts of Glamis Castle 

Glamis Castle

It is said that Glamis Castle is one of the most haunted of Scotland. In effect, this castle count at least 7 ghosts.

playing cards with the devil
The most famous of them it’s the one of the second Lord of Glamis, a hard player. On day, a stranger came to his door and propose to the Lord a card game. His passion take precedence over his mistrust.
The two men played during days and nights, and screams was the only things servants could hear from the other side of the door. One of the servants, seeing Sunday come, the Lord’s Day, tried to enter into the room to prevent Lord Glamis that it was time to stop the game, the game was forbidden on this day. Lord Glamis had answered that he will not stop the game, even he should play with the Devil itself. The men, considered as possessed, were walled up alive in this very room.

Since, it is still possible to hear the screams of the two players and the room still exists but only 3 people in the world know its emplacement. 

The 3 ladies

The first one is the Grey Lady (Janet Douglas) or Lady Glamis were victim of the rage of James V. After the death of her husband, Janet Douglas became an easy prey for James who jailed her with her son, under a false accusation of witchcraft, and then, were burned alive. But her son were saved and once James V dead, the apparitions of his mother began around the chapel of the castle. She would still wandering there, researching her son. 

Janet Douglas - The grey Lady 

The second would be a girl would walk, with blood dripping from her mouth with a completely lost look. The legend want that this spirit belong to a domestic girl to whom the tongue have been cut off because of having too much spoken.

The third one would appears only under the form of white spectre in the nursery, she would rock the cradle of a stillborn child and yelling and crying.

The others ghosts

Glamis shelter the spirit on a black domestic who freeze to death and who can be see under the tree where he died.
The two last ghosts are Jack the Runner who cross the basement running, and the silhouette of a soldier often seen on the roof of the castle.

How to get there: The castle is closed to Forfar and Dundee and is easy of access. If you want further informations about the castle, you can find it HERE.

Monday, 4 April 2016

The most haunted house in England

Satanic ghosts of The Cage 

The most haunted house in England is now on sale. The owner said to be traumatised, several times, by a satanic ghost.

When Vanessa Mitchell move in this house in St. Osyth, Essex , in 2004, she doesn’t know its past.
The property, well known as “The cage” is an old medieval jail. Here, eight women died while the Witch hunt during the XVIth century.

This gaols welcomed, in the XVIth century one of the most famous victims of the witch-hunts of the British history Ursula Kemp. This fiftieth anniversary witch officiated as bonesetter with the inhabitants of the region was hung in 1582, have confessed under duress, several crimes going of an evil spell thrown to the beer of the vineyard up to the death by “ bewitchment” of two children.

Her extorted confessions ended in the hanging of seven other women for similar crimes and, even there, pulled out of the air. The legend was boosted in 1921 by the discovery of a skeleton buried in St Osyth's garden attributed to Ursula Kemp (see picture above) 

The 46 years old women and landlord, stayed 11 years in this house and asset seeing several ghostlike faces and she says have been pushed during her pregnancy and even seen blood splatters on the floor.

Satanic goat caught on camera in The Cage

But what actually forced her to leave her house in this photo: Vanessa Mitchell took a selfie and saw this face, a satanic goat face according to her, in the background which she says proves the evil forces operating in the house.
 ‘I honestly believe the house is cursed, I have lived there for years but for me seeing a tall dark figure standing between me and my son’s cot was the final straw for me.’

The cage has now been sold but nobody know who is the new owner.


How to get there: Sorry, but it’s now impossible to spend nights in there, but 4 years ago Vanessa Mitchell suggested renting her house to the amateurs of paranormal and to ghosts' hunters for 45£ per night.  
But you can saw the house if you visit St Osyth which is a little town full of history ! 
If you like this story, check this video posted by North London Paranormal Investigations which explained it very well ! It's HERE.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Cave Hill, Belfast

Cave Hill 

Hey Everybody! Today we finally go in Northern Ireland, in Belfast. The city is well-known for the Titanic and stuff but Rose and Jack’s story is too romantic for this blog, sorry. 

The resemblance is striking

So let’s talking about Cave hill! The iconic shape of Cave hill looming above the city is great place to walk and lots of tourist go there in good days (if there are good days in UK..). Cave hill is also known as Napoleon’s nose, due to its likeness with the French Emperor. 

But let’s start with haunted stuff. As you can see on the picture above, Cave hill country Park owes its name to the cave which has been used by humans in the Iron Age. This very cave has been the subject for some creepy testimonies in the early 1910s. According to the reports, during the night a wailing sound could be heard from the woods around the cave and when people tried to track the source of the sound, it suddenly stopped when they were too close.

Two years later, in 1915, a couple spotted what appeared to be “a floating man within the trees”. When this flying man saw the couple they ran and seemed to be really frightened because their face and legs were damaged by branches during their run.  

After this, numerous sighting of this floating man continued.

The last strange case around Cave Hill took place in 1922, another couple discovered a bizarre looking rock while their walk in the country park. In fact they discovered a human skull (funny funny place).

After investigation, the police discover a full human skeleton which was identified as being Mr John Scott who have committed suicide on Cave hill few years before. 

Nowadays, no testimonies of floating man or ghost have been shared but these stories still attract numerous tourists.

How to get there: Is it super easy to go there from Belfast by bus of by car as there are the Belfast Castle and Zoo in the Cave Hill country park. You can find all informations you need HERE.

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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Pendle Witches

The witches of Pendle Hill 

Hi everybody !

This time, we go back to the XVe century for one of the most exciting story which took place in Pendle Hill, Lancaster.

In 1612, twenty persons were accused of witchcraft, of whom sixteen were women of various ages. This trial is one of the most known in English history and one of the most documented of this century.

First, is it important to know the religious context in 1612 to figure out what happened in Pendle Hill. At the end of the century, this region of the Lancashire was well-known for theft, violence and over liberal sexuality. Families who lived in Pendle Hill survived thanks cure and swindle. 

St Mary's Church at Newchurch in Pendle where the tombstone known as the Witches' Grave and the "Eye of God" are to be found
The story began with an altercation between one of the accused, Alizon Device, and a pedlar, John Law.  Alizon, either travelling or begging on the road to Trawden Forest, passed John Law and asked him for some pins. He refused and Alizon cursed him.

 It was a short while after this that John Law suffered a stroke, for which he blamed Alizon and her powers. When this incident was brought before Justice, Alizon confessed that she had told the Devil to lame John Law. It was upon further questioning that Alizon accused her grandmother, Old Demdike, and also members of the Chattox family, of witchcraft.

The accusations on the Chattox family seem to have been an act of revenge. The families had been rivals for years. 

This family tree will help you:  

Chattox and Demdike family trees (wikipedia)
The deaths of four other villagers that had occurred years before the trial were raised and the blame laid on witchcraft performed by Chattox. James Device confessed that his sister Alizon had also cursed a child some time before and Elizabeth, although more reserved in making accusations, confessed her mother had a mark on her body, supposedly where the Devil had sucked her blood, which left her mad.

 On further questioning both Old Demdike and Chattox confessed to selling their souls.  Also Anne (Chattox’s daughter) was allegedly seen to create clay figures. After hearing this evidence, the judge detained Alizon, Anne, Old Demdike and Old Chattox and waited for trial.

Lancaster prison
The trials were held at Lancaster between 17th and 19th August 1612.  Old Demdike never reached trial; the dark, dank dungeon in which they were imprisoned was too much for her to survive.

How to get there: Pendle Hill is located in Lancashire (exactly HERE) and it's complicated to go there without a car. But if you want to follow in the steps of the witches, go to the Lancashire website HERE for further information ! 

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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Edinburgh Vaults

Edinburgh Vaults 

Yop guys! Today we leave England to go to Scotland, in Edinburgh exactly. The capital is famous for its castle and picturesque old town but not only. While walking in the old city, you can notice that there are numerous horror tours which permit you to discover a new facet of Edinburgh. They propose you to wandering in an old graveyard, torture exhibition or the well-known vaults. This is a place that I’ve visited (and I almost cried haha). 

This is where we’re going today, but first what are exactly these vaults? It began with the construction of the South Bridge in 1785. At this time, the Edinburgh Castle was an impenetrable fortress so townspeople wanted to live as close as possible to it. The bridge were built to connect flat areas to the castle: South Bridge consisted of 19 arches and at its highest point, it stood 31 feet above ground and had foundations that penetrated Edinburgh's bedrock as far down as 22 feet.

In 19th century, the vaults begin the place for poverty: during famines and plague epidemic, homeless and contaminated lived in the vaults and serial killer let their victims dying in the darkness of the place. Murder, rape and death were rampant as disease and crime took hold of the area. 

At the end of the century, vaults were closed to drive the seedy activity out from the Edinburgh’s main thoroughfare and was let into obscurity.

In the 1990’s students who let a flat in the old town heard scratching at the wall and decided to destroy it (they were drunk…). Behind the wall, the vaults surfaced again. Since then, the vaults have been opened to public and ghosts reports have poured in. The most famous ghost is Mr. Boots: some said seeing a man wearing a long black coats and boots and guides of vaults tour report hearing his footstep. 

Some ghosts are bolder, like the spectral child "Jack" who grabs visitor's hands in the wine vaults. 

How to get there: One of the most horrifying vaults tour is the Auldreekie Terror Tour, more informations HERE. This tour is only for over 18s only and will make you cry; the visit is done by night and the guides are so interesting and creepy! Well, it's worth checking out! 

Monday, 22 February 2016

About Me

Yop guys ! 

I am a 21 years old student (a little bit creepy yes), living in Glasgow for my studies in marketing but I'm French actually. 

This blog is a work for a digital marketing course so I've decided to present you all the most haunted places of the country where I live now. As you guess, I'm a horror movie and creepypasta fan (But I like cute things too !). I traveled a lot in my life so I tried to join my trips and my love for paranormal stories ♥ 

Enjoy ! 

I didn't have visited all these places, I'm a wimp ⚰

Pluckley Village

The 15 ghosts of the village 

Hey guys, today we do not leave England and I take you close to London, to the most haunted village of England: Pluckley.
Pluckley, Kent, is a picturesque village surrounded by woodlands, but its reputation does not come from for the beauty of the place. Pluckley is famous to shelter between 12 and 16 ghosts who led the village into the Guinness World Records in 1989. So let’s deal with the most famous ghosts!

1 – The screaming man: years ago, a man who worked in the brickworks fell and died slowly under the bricks, and some say that you can still hear the his screaming and see his ghost wandering.

2- The Watercress woman: she is supposed to have burnt to death when, saturated in gin, she accidentally set herself alight on the lonely spot where she would sit each day with her pipe.

3- Lady Dering, the woman in red: this ghost is supposed to be the wife of Baron Dering who buried his wife in a lead coffin to conserve the corpse of his lover. She had been buried somewhere next to the church and Lady Dering still wander in the cemetery wearing a red shawl.

There are more than 15 other ghost stories on the village. Here the locations of all known ghosts:

  •  Phantom Coach & Horses - various locations
  • The Colonel - Park Wood
  • The Highwayman - Pinnock Crossroads
  • The Miller - Site of Old Mill
  • The Monk - Greystones
  • The Red Lady - St Nicholas Church
  • The Schoolmaster - Dicky Buss Lane
  • The Screaming Man - Pluckley Brickworks
  • The Tudor Lady - Rose Court
  • The Watercress Woman - Pinnock Stream
  • The White Lady - St Nicholas Church and Surrenden Manor
  • The Black Horse - The Street
  • The Dering Arms - Station Road
  • The Blacksmith's Arms - Pluckley Thorne
  • The Screaming Woods - Dering Woods & Frith Wood
  • The Devil's Bush - Frith Corner

But now, leave the village to go to the woods around. The Dering Woods, as well known as the screaming woods (I’m sure you know why). In effect people reports hearing terrifying screams coming from the forest at night or footsteps and whispers during days of fog. The forest is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the people who get lost in them, in particular the locals mention a suicidal army colonel of the 18th century and a highwayman who was captured by the villagers, pinned to a tree and beheaded. 

Newspaper after the Dering Wood Massacre 1948

But the most striking fact is the Dering Wood Massacre during the Halloween Night in 1948. Twenty bodies were found dead (11 were children) but did not present any wound. Many reported seeing strange lights coming from the forest this night during the massacre. 

The autopsies could not determine the cause of death and after times, the authorities ended the investigation. 

In 1998, during the same Halloween night, 4 students who entered in the forest went missing. The Pluckley population assure seeing the same lights in the forest than fifty years before. 

Their bodies were never found. 

How to get there: If you want to go to this welcoming and friendly village and visit all these funny places, you can check the website of Pluckley HERE
Look how nice they are, they even propose you to eat in the Black Horse Pub, which is haunted. 

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