Saturday, 13 February 2016

Highgate Cemetery

The Vampire of Highgate 

Egyptian Avenue 

Vampire stories have fascinated for centuries but this case only happened 36 years ago. In this peaceful place, at the heart of London, the most famous vampire storie of the past century was taking place.

In1970, the caretakers discover hundred of dead dogs and cats drained of their blood. Then, some rumors began to circulate. Witnesses report seeing a dark silhouette, very pale in the cemetery.

Sean Manchester
Alerted by the case, Sean Manchester a former catholic priest fascinated by surnatural stories, decide to praticate an exorcism in the vault where is supposed to live the disturbing silhouette. This exorcism have been recorded by TV cameras and by hundred curious .  
After praying, Manchester decide de wall up the entrance of the vault and rub it with garlic to cast out evil spirits. 

But after these events, the city sink into paranoia. At this time, two girls contact Sean Manchester. One of them, Elizabeth Wojdyla, present the caracteristic bites on the neck whereas the other girl assert suffer from nightmares where she saw a vampire.

As a result of these testimonies, Sean Manchester return to the vampire hunt. Manchester discover the ruins of an old house close to the cemetery and at the cellar, a coffin. This coffin contained a perfectly preserved corpse.

To kill the vampire, Sean Manchester put a stake on his heart. As shown, the decomposition of his body is immediate.

In spite of this, testimonies of eyewitnesses continue to pour nowadays. 

Sean Manchester continue to investigate on paranormal phenomena.


How to get here: The cemetery is located in London (Highgate Cemetery, Swain's Lane, London N6 6PJ) and the part of the cemetery where the vampire case was taking place can only be visited with a guide. More informations here

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