Monday, 15 February 2016

London Underground

The Ghosts of the Underground 

Queens Road Tube Station (Now Queesway), 1900

If you go to London, you will certainly take the mythic underground to visit the city. But the stories and testimonies below will surely make your routes more exiting. In effect, the tube would be haunted by ghosts, and souls would be prisoner of the entrails of the subway. In fact, you must know that the subway has been built on old cemeteries, mass graves and crypts. Of course, that does no help... 

Few people know it, but some passengers and technicians report seeing strange appearances
By night, the underground is closed and only employees are allowed to circulate in stations. 
One night, on the platforms of Liverpool Street Station, an employee sees on his CCTV a man dressed in white. He decide to contact his superior to evacuate the intruder. 
But when the station chief arrive of the platform, he does not see anyone. He called his colleague to tell him the platform his empty, but the answer he got is "He's just next to you ! how don't you see him ?"
During this period, close to the station, excavations turned up an old mass grave, vestige of a plague epidemic in the XVI century.

Passengers are also victim of strange appereance. In 1983, Karen take a picture of her nephew in the underground. After got her pictures developed, Karen notice a disturbing silhouette at the background. 
The silhouette of a man on an electric chair. To be sure of the picture authenticity, it was handed to an expert in photography who asseted the picture was real and has not been modified.

Then, an expert in paranormal discovered the identity of the silhouette : Bruno Hauptmann who has been executed in the 30's for the crime of a baby.  

The man was exposed at the Madame Tussaud Chamber of Horror Museum , there was no doubt for Karen, the man on her picture was Bruno Hauptmann. 

May be a display of advertisement ? The museum NEVER used the picture of Hauptmaan for it. 

How to get there: If you want to visit all the haunted stations of the underground, the Brillantly British has created a map of it, and it's HERE.
And if you're brave enough to visit the Chamber of Horror of Madame Tussaud, you can get your ticket THERE.

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  1. I never thought London's underground was haunted!!
    My rides in it will never be the same!!